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Kaspersky Security for Mail Server

Kaspersky Security for Mail Server

For Microsoft Exchange, Linux-based mail servers and IBM Lotus Domino

Scan incoming, outgoing & stored mail Intelligent spam filtering reduces traffic Prevent the loss of confidential data

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Protection for Mail Servers
Kaspersky Security for Mail Server works to protect mail on the latest versions of major mail and collaboration platforms – including Microsoft Exchange, IBM Lotus Domino, and Linux-based mail servers.

Multi-layered Spam Filtering
Intelligent, cloud-assisted spam filtering for Microsoft Exchange and Linux-based mail servers works in real-time to significantly reduce the traffic load from unwanted messages.

Optimizes Use of System Resources
With a new antivirus engine, load balancing of server resources, optimized antivirus scanning technology, and the ability to exclude specified objects from the scanning processes, Kaspersky Security for Mail Server helps to maintain performance and minimize the resources needed to perform antivirus scans.

Ensures Stable Security
Automatic restart – in the event of a system shutdown – helps to ensure stable security, while you work to determine the cause of the malfunction

Easy to Manage
User-friendly management tools, information on mail protection status, flexible settings for scans, and reporting features help make it easier to control your security.

Up-to-Date Protection
Frequent database updates deliver proactive protection against the very latest malware and spam.

Efficient Protection
Kaspersky Security for Mail Server’s reliability and performance help to minimize the impact on essential business processes.

Support for Virtualization
Kaspersky Security for Mail Server has VMware Ready certification.

Global and Local Support Expertise
Kaspersky Lab provides high-quality, round-the-clock technical support – plus a wide range of corporate support programs.

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